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Born in Singapore in 2002, Uno Apparel has developed strong production capacities and a strong international presence. Based in Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong, this young company promotes innovation by offering high-tech solutions and revolutionary materials. Its objective is to offer connected and responsible products with notably intelligent garment equipped with NFC technology or the use of ecological and recyclable materials such as DuPont™ Tyvek®.

On the eve of CTCO 2020, Uno Apparel Europe, supplier of eco-friendly promotional clothing, uniforms, workwear and luggage, presents Thermalli, its exclusive brand of warm clothing.

Thermalli is an innovative brand of heated parkas, jackets and vests specifically designed for corporate uniforms, outdoor sports activities and high performance workwear.

Thermalli garments are equipped with an integrated heating module, made of carbon nanotube film, with an activation button for intelligent and tailor-made heating from 35-50°C for optimal thermal comfort. The heating module is activated by a special, removable, lightweight, USB rechargeable battery, supplied separately.

These products are fully customisable: colours, printing, general design and style, different positions of the heating elements, etc.

Discover the Thermalli brand on booth 3T26 at CTCO 2020 and attend the Uno Apparel conference on Thursday, February 6th at 2pm: “Communicating Textiles: a new channel of interaction between advertisers and their customers” (see the conference area in the heart of the trade show).


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