stretch banner walomo

With 30 years of experience to its credit, Walomo defines itself as the specialist in promotional textiles, POS and advertising balloons. 3 distinct activities that allow us to retrace the history of this polychroneous company.

From the very beginning, Walomo has offered advertising balloons and used pad printing as a marking technique. It is in the 2000s that Walomo began to manufacture its flagship textile product: the Nordik parka. Then came in 2007, a first range of POS displays based on its expertise in textile marking.

During all these years, Walomo has renewed and innovated by proposing new products, using new technologies and responding to technical constraints while remaining original.

Today we are going through a turbulent period. Not only does the company offer the possibility to continue ordering online, but it also proposes a product adapted to the situation: a stretch banner to remind the barrier gestures.

This coronavirus prevention sign has a tubular aluminium frame topped by a cover printed on both sides. Very easy to install, the stretch banner weighs only 5kg. It can be personalised with a logo.


walomo stretch banner