Halfar sac coton pré-recyclé

Strongly committed to sustainable development, the luggage brand, Halfar, takes into account the complete life cycle of its products, from design, supply chain and production protocol.

Inspired by customer interest and realizing that pre-recycled cotton was an important addition to its bag collection, Halfar created its first line, which was presented at the CTCO show earlier this year by Cybernecard. Immediately, the whole range was a success, including the very popular “PLANET” shopping bag made from pre-recycled cotton (ref. 1816062), made from waste from environmentally friendly manufacturers.

The PLANET range of softly priced bags consists of four different styles, all available in four different colours and immediately available from large stocks.

The pre-recycled cotton used in the Halfar bags is made from the manufacturer’s waste rather than the consumer’s waste. For example, a factory that cuts textiles from large sheets of fabric has to get rid of the pieces in between. This means that these off-cuts, scraps and trimmings have been re-energized and reused for something useful.

In the recycling process, cotton waste is first sorted by type and colour and then processed by machines that break the threads and fabric into small pieces before separating them into fibres. The mixture is carded several times to clean and mix the fibres before spinning them. Halfar only works with mills that comply with BSCI initiatives.


By recovering cotton waste from the creation of other textile products, Halfar contributes to reducing waste and diverting products from landfills. The water collected at the bottom of the landfill can be 200 times more toxic than wastewater. By reusing existing fibers and textiles, Halfar helps reduce the need for newly manufactured fibers. This saves water, energy, dyes and chemicals, which reduces pollution.

Nearly 3 million tons of cotton are wasted in spinning, weaving and cutting fabrics. That’s enough material to make three T-shirts for every person on this planet. Up to 15% of the cotton used for clothing is lost in the manufacturing process. “ Source:

Halfar has a dedicated team of textile designers and developers who are constantly focused on creating innovative and sustainable ideas for their bags. With a keen eye on the market, the Halfar team constantly analyses current trends and creates new collections for the market and its customers.

Halfar bags are all certified by several labels for the quality of their manufacture. All products are customizable and will allow you to make a beautiful gift to your customers.