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Entry conditions

CTCO is a professional trade show specialized to distributors of promotional products (garments and gifts) as well as marking and printing professionals.

The organisation reserves the right to carry out a systematic check about the nature of the business activity of the badge applicants. Access is allowed on presentation of the name badge or an invitation accompanied by a documentary receipt (professional card for example).

CTCO reserve the right to check that the retailer is still trading.

Each request for a badge could be checked according to the following documents:


For promotional gifts or garments professionals:

    • 2 promotional gifts providers’ bills
    • Professional organization member card


For personalization techniques professionals:

Your company is a decoration workshop (screen printing, embroidery, transfer, etc.) or has an in-house decoration department:

    • Equipment or consumables providers’ bill

Each request for a badge will be checked prior to the show. Should any request not be valid, it will be rejected.

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For students and university:

Our show is exclusively reserved to professionals, however we have decided to authorize a regulated access to students as they can get the possibility to see how the market works. This is under conditions:

  • Student must be under 18 years old.
  • If their is a whole class, students must be escorted by a professor and move around in small groups (6-8 persons)
  • Every student and professors must be registered in our pre-registration platform.
  • The access to the show is limited to the Thursday 6th of February from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm for all students.
  • Students and professors must keep in mind that this show is a professional event and the exhibitors priority is to make business.


Visit C!Print too!


Your CTCO access badge encourages you to discover the C!Print exhibition free of charge. This hall will be entirely dedicated to the domains of the personalisation of promotional products, printing techniques and visual communication products. The event will be held at the same time as CTCO, in Hall 1 & 2.1