goodies solidaires

AHK Productions, creator and importer of custom-made Media Objects since 1994, has decided to pay tribute to those who have actively participated in the fight against Covid-19 and those who have been affected by the effects of this unprecedented crisis.

To do this, the company has set up a system for collecting donations through a new range called “les goodies solidaires” (Goodies for solidarity). Part of the profits from the products ordered will be donated to one of the following associations (of your choice): the Fondations des Hôpitaux de France, the Fédération la Voix de l’Enfant and the Fondation Entreprendre.

To do so, 2 collections of products have been specially created for the occasion:

  • Bleu, Blanc, rouge (Blue, White-Red): Products in the colours of France to mark its solidarity
  • Héros du quotidien (Our everyday heroes): Products to thank all the heroes of this crisis

Pins, metal key rings, embroidered key rings, button badges, woven key rings … a wide range of products available and customizable by laser, printing on the packaging or wrapping, which allow everyone a positive bounce after this unprecedented period.

For resellers, it is an additional lever to take over the business in an inspiring way, to unite teams and to engage customers. While advertisers can benefit from successful solidarity communication with high added value.

Discover all the information on the range “Les goodies solidaires” by clicking here.


goodies solidaires ahk